Sixth, seventh, or eighth graders at partner schools in Boston, Denver, Western MA, and Providence will join the GT Summer Academy for four weeks in Boston and five weeks in Denver, Western MA, and Providence. GT Summer Academy runs Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., June 26 - July 28 (Denver), July 3 - July 28 (Boston), or July 10 - August 11 (Western MA & Providence).

You will make new friends; enjoy small, engaging classes with college and college-bound teaching fellows; get ready for sixth, seventh, or eighth grade; and learn how to code computers, give speeches, debate controversial topics, think like an engineer, solve math problems in your head, and fall in love with new books and authors.

You'll enjoy breakfast, lunch, and recess with your friends, and prepare for life in middle school and college by changing classes. No uniforms; no homework; no reason not to join us.